The global door handle market is expected to reach USD12.53 Billion in 2027 due to the expanding construction industry. The 4.5% forecasted CAGR

This report covers both the production and distribution sides. The report covers Interior Door Handles’ production, growth rate, market share, and regional markets (regional or country level) between 2017-2022. Also, the forecast for 2028. This report analyses Interior Door Handle Sales by Region (regional or country level), Company Type, and Application. The report covers the period 2017-2022 and is projected to 2028.

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This comprehensive report analyzes all factors that drive the industry, including market dynamics. The Door Handles market report offers valuable insights into the market definitions and scope. It also includes research methodology and performance analysis by top players.

Market Key Trends

Increased lifestyle and urbanization are the main reasons for a rise in demand

Door handles are in high demand because of the adaption of urban culture and an increasing number of homes sold. Companies are innovating to meet customers’ needs. To create a royal ambiance for their guests, hotels try to make it a luxurious environment. These brass door handles are why hotels have so many. These handles give the infrastructure a shiny and artistic look.

Market leaders have noticed a rise in the popularity of knob-style door handles.

Knurled door handles are increasing in popularity because of their compact design and the variety of designs available for different infrastructures. The most sought-after designs on the market are bronze, matte textured brass, and polished nickel. Satin options are available in many shapes. Customers can contact companies to customize their door handles. The door handle market will continue to grow due to consumers’ desire for unique and fashionable door handles.

Recent development

  1. The Report includes a report on Global, Top 10, and Top 50 Countries Market Sizes of Doors Handle 2015-2027, and forecast 2021-2027.
  2. You can also find information about major suppliers, markets, and the market status of each region.

Key Companies

  • Enrico Cassina
  • Dauby
  • Karcher Design
  • Salice Paolo
  • Frascio
  • Utensil Legno
  • JADO
  • Galbusera G.&G.
  • Brialma
  • Mandelli
  • Reguitti
  • D-Line
  • WEST inx



  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Others


  • Household
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Key questions

  • Who are the market leaders for door handles?
  • How will market trends in the next few years impact current trends?
  • What are the market’s most important factors, challenges, opportunities, and top-performing players?
  • What are some future projections that could be used to guide us in taking more strategic steps?

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